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    >>> How did they get that?

    >> how's the exact handover process relevant?

    > The form of handover is totally relevant because it could clear up the whole story

    It seems we're talking past each other. I've been thinking Yasu's question refers to this part of my posting: "MUI4 source code from 2009 which they got from Stuntz", which would mean that he wants to know how they got the 2009 MUI4 source code in the context of the story as told by Jens Maus. And in the context of his story, the exact handover process shouldn't matter one single bit.
    I may of course have wrongly assumed that Yasu's posting was made in context of my posting :-) I assumed as such because asking this question without context (after all, he didn't refer to any prior posting) wouldn't make sense.

    > There are so many different versions of this story around that we do not know the real one.
    > [...] Eeveryone says different

    I'd say it's either Henes' (as representative of the MorphOS team, which also Stuntz is said to be a member of) version or Jens Maus' version. There's no reason to assume that anyone else (except Stuntz himself, who so far has decided to remain silent) has better information.

    > Did stuntzi [...] send them [...] a version of an old MUI4 beta?

    ...or a then-recent (= 2009) non-beta MUI4 version?

    > Where they allowed to use versions later than the archive that they got
    > (in case they got one)?

    There's no indication they used versions later than the archive that they got (in case they got one).
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