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    Jim wrote:
    Stuntz has done us no favor letting this project use the same name and version number as our package, since the two packages are not compatible.

    And even worse: it led to at least one developer asking the official MUI team to implement features the way the unoffical team did it, so to break the official MUI the same way as the unofficial one was broken. So it confuses everyone using MUI no matter if on OS3, OS4 or MOS.

    Maybe he didn't expect all this to come out.


    Perhaps in future versions we should consider renaming the user interface, as it has really become the MorphOS User Interface (still MUI) rather than Stuntz's Magic User Interface (after all, to the best of my knowledge, Stuntz had nothing to do with the development of MUI5 - even MUI4 is only partially his work).

    That would be stupid and once more worse than now. Giving up the name because someone else got another license to develop conflicting versions would look like “they (MorphOS team) gave up on MUI, now the “MUI for AmigaOS” team is the official maintainer of MUI and all versions that they publish are official, so what they do or say must be correct”. Especially OS4 and OS3 users would rely on this and in the end that would even lead to people blaming the MorphOS team for creating incompatible versions although it is the other way round. And users or developers from OS3 or OS4 would maybe even more often ask the MorphOS team to implement features in MorphOS the way they work In M/B MUI. It would also lead to changing the official product description to change to a sentence like “MorphOS uses the MorphOS User Interface, formerly called Magic User Interface” or “ … compatible with Magic User Interface until version MUI5 beta x.y”. That would be the worst signal the MorphOS team team could send out. It would even support the license and compatibility break of the OS4MUI team as a kind of agreement and acceptance.

    Another problematic thing is that MUI is also a part of the official OS4.1 of Hyperion: http://www.hyperion-entertainment.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=145:amigaos41update3&catid=36:amigaos-4x&Itemid=18
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