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    >> how's the exact handover process relevant?

    > I'm curious as to how they came into possession of this
    > and what format it was provided in.

    I'm still curious regarding the relevance of this.

    > Stuntz has done us no favor letting this project use the same name and
    > version number as our package

    Strange, isn' it? After all, he's a current MorphOS team member according to the official website, which is an aspect another team member has emphasized as recently as one week ago.


    > Perhaps in future versions we should consider renaming the user interface,
    > as it has really become the MorphOS User Interface (still MUI) rather than
    > Stuntz's Magic User Interface

    See Yasu's comment #180. What would be the point? Sounds to me like the 'Origyn Web Browser vs. Odyssey Web Browser' debate.

    > to the best of my knowledge, Stuntz had nothing to do with the development of MUI5

    According to the MorphOS team member mentioned above, MUI for MorphOS is still Stuntz's matter, to which other team members have merely contributed over the years.
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