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    Jim wrote:
    Well Dave,
    I haven't dealt with AmigaKit before, but my first purchase was a complete fail.
    I purchased a Cocolino PS2 to serial adapter and it simply does not work on my CD32.

    Matt has sent me back a response that reads in part "The mouse port is a funny thing. It operates on a finite line. So the extra circuit stuff in cocolino is drawing more current and this will be causing issue.
    You will end with the same issue with every mouse. Unless its a proper Amiga mouse (no adapter)."

    So, basically "it doesn't work".

    Not real reassuring considering who is going to be selling the X5000.

    I wasn't aware that AmigaKit was the developer of the Cocolino mouse adapter, or that it could also work connected to a serial port. I purchased one of them and have used it several times connected to my mouse port, to allow the use of a PS2 mouse, instead of an Amiga mouse, but have not used it in years, since most of my Classic Amiga systems have USB ports now, or I use original Amiga compatible 9-pin mice, of which I have many different models.

    If on the other hand, you are blaming AmigaKit for a product that does not work, instead of the person who invented it, and you have not asked for a refund from either AmigaKit, or the original inventor, I can't agree with your reasoning. I have purchased dozens and dozens of products from AmigaKit over the years, and have always experienced great customer service and products.

    If eliyahu is acting over zealous and protective as one of the few remaining moderators on either website (when I was there, he was only a moderator of Amiga.org, not AmigaWorld.net), then I would point out specific instances of his behavior to both Matthew and Trevor, and ask for it to be corrected. Of course, acceptable behavior on forum sites is highly subjective, and maybe his actions are justified, I don't know, as I don't post to, or even read those forums any longer. When I was active there, I did not appreciate the number of members who actively tried to disrupt forum threads, and cause conflicts, where none should have existed. I don't miss either site, or the tedious task of trying to moderate the members there.

    It is distressing that this site is growing more like those other sites in recent years, but I suppose it was inevitable that more bad behavior begin here, as more people add MorphOS as one of their Amiga inspired alternative OSes, and they come here for information and discussion.

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