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    redrumloa wrote:

    rob wrote:
    Calm down Rambo. Where do A-EON/Amigakit come into this anyway?

    IP theft isn't OK just because it helps your preferred niche OS. How can you really ask this above question with a straight face? You may be a lot of things Rob, but you are not dumb.

    A-Eonkit sell OS4 pre-installed on computers.
    A-Eonkit sell OS4 stand alone.
    AmiUpdate is the official update software.
    AmiUpdate pushed out Pirate MU4
    A-Eonkit own Amistore. I don't know if Amistore directly offers MUI4 for download, but they sell products that require Pirate MUI4.
    A-Eonkit owns Amiga.org, which promotes the pirate software with news articles.
    A-Eonkit allows moderators to obfuscate the truth and censor people speaking the truth,
    A-Eonkit has a financial interest in allowing stolen IP on their product,

    As a former moderator at both Amiga.org, and AmigaWorld.net, I can verify that neither A-Eon, or AmigaKit owners, or officers, have directed moderators to censor any threads, and they stay out of moderation actions, unless one of the moderators for those sites asks for help, in the form of an opinion from Matthew Leaman, or Trevor Dickinson. Matthew and Trevor don't have the time, or the desire to get involved in how moderation is being performed on either site, unless one of their moderators is acting in a way that might harm the perception of either site, and therefore reflect badly on both A-Eon, and AmigaKit. (There is no such entity as "A-Eonkit")

    Your accusations are more like the ravings of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, than rational comments by a user of the superior MorphOS, who don't need to worry about what users of a certain less performing OS say or do. I think you would do better to stick with the argument aimed at the people actually doing the wrong doing, the programmers who have created and maintain MUI4 for AmigaOS4.

    Just my 2 cents
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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