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    xyphoid wrote:
    I'm happy for you all, but until you confirm burning movies....not iso, then I really don't care. The drive works well under macosx. The burning process fails under burning converted mpg to video files. As for the hardware, the usb drive also fails. so my hardware is still good for now. as stated, I can also burn files iso, and make cds whoopteedo!

    So from your message above, I assume that the burning process fails before it completes under the MorphOS programs Jalepeno and "Burnit" (or what ever the other burning software is called that you are attempting to use to burn CD's & DVD's), not that the burning process appears to complete properly and the CD/DVD that was created is not readable. Is this correct?

    I will attempt to burn a movie file over this weekend to confirm my MorphOS systems can accomplish the task. I have not yet attempted to burn movie DVD's on any MorphOS system.
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