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    amigadave wrote:
    Anyone using the original CD/DVD writers that came with their old Mac PPC hardware is begging for disappointment. They are flaky drives at best, and when they get that old, they are very unreliable.

    This does not mean I have an opinion regarding the quality or reliability of either MorphOS burning program for CD's or DVD's. I have not used either of them enough to know how well they work.

    I guess I've been lucky, but I haven't had any problems with original Mac drives or Jalapeno. I've never had a coaster with them. I've burnt pretty many data CD/DVDs from ISO files and separate files from filesystem with Mac minis, Powerbook and iBook. Everything just works.

    But if one has problems, I'm betting hw fault than software in most cases. Unless someone proves that OSX or some other Amiga burning software (MakeCD, FryingPan, etc) can succeed while Jalapeno wouldn't.

    I've also ripped many audio CDs with Flacapella with the previously mentioned HW... no problems with that either.
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