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    xyphoid wrote:
    What's the deal with burning on morph anyway? I spent all day with the fickle ffmpeg locking up, or incompleting, to finally compiling my mp4>mpg, got xml to set the TS only to have Jalapeno, and Frying pan fail to burn consecutively. I had to go to my HP laptop with the converted files, and drop them into img Burn to actually complete the burn process, which was done in around 8mins or so. Really annoying since I've done this several tmes before without this much hassle, and coastered DVDs

    Jalapeno has a log window - you can open it from the screen menu. Pasting the output from the burn process could help diagnose the issue. You can also try to run Jalapeno with a PRETEND argument to make it simulate the burning if you don't want to waste CDRs.

    However, if both Jalapeno and Frying pan fail to work for you, it likely means the problem lies in hardware. How old is the burner?
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