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    deka schrieb:
    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but currently the whole system is running in ABox, using legacy and rewritten PPC librarys filesystem handling, etc...

    If the architecture is changed (and ABox is droped), how will the system look like? What kind of API's will present to handle Sound, Video, etc.

    From publically available information nothing has been set in stone yet. But I guess and hope the new API would be as similar to the old API as possible. Of course there are significant changes necessary. And there are things that should be replaced anyway because they are too limited (e.g. AHI).


    Probably the limiting things shouldn't be carried further... SMP should introduce. I think, It's a much bigger work, than it seems.

    That's part of the reason for the system change. One thing is to use popular powerful hardware, the other is to actually use it and, while sacrifying compability anyway, get rid of the limitations in current MorphOS API.

    I think one of the best advancements of the last years was Reggae which more powerful and future proof than (already brillant Datatypes). It is a functional replacement/improvement of an OS part, but it requires a new API. In current ABox Datatypes and Reggae coexist - dropping Datatypes would be no good. But when MorphOS NG drops backward compability anyway things where better improvements exists could get abandoned to clean up the OS.

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