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    In_Correct wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Linux [...] is a thinly disguised rip off of UNIX

    Linux is as much a Unix rip-off as MorphOS is an AmigaOS rip-off :-)

    I don't know, MorphOS is quite an upgrade.
    UNIX to Linux? Not as much.
    There are some great UNIX descended BSD derivatives out there right now (including OSX) that give Linux more than a run for its money.

    In any case, yes what I was proposing was to leave the body of MorphOS in the 31 bit space of Abox while adding code outside in either 32 or 64 bit memory.
    That doesn't preclude a latter revision to PPC MorphOS, but it would allow some neat hacks to be created.

    And if PPC MorphOS is to be relegated to a hobbyist OS, what is wrong with hacking?
    Isn't that where most of our programmers started, hacking Amiga systems?

    Will PPC MorphOS be open sourced if developers stop working on it once they port to X64? I do not want to see PPC MorphOS abandoned entirely.

    T'would be nice, but I doubt it.
    However, there has been no announcement that PPC MorphOS would be completely abandoned.
    Obviously, the primary focus will shift to the AMD64 platform.
    But in the meanwhile we have been told we are still to receive some interesting upgrades.
    It has been announced that there will be an X5000 port.
    And I'd expect to see better support of the Radeon HD series.

    Plus do you really think that this will fade that quickly or that its not going to steadily improve during this period of transition?
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