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    Jupp3 wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    What I was suggesting is rather similar to the kludge performed on MS-DOS once the need for more than 640K of memory became apparent and the developers wished to retain compatibility with legacy apps.

    So basically something similar that was announced for AmigaOS4? I'd avoid any such "dirty hacks".

    Of course a good compromise could be to use the "unusable" memory internally by the OS, so it won't be exposed to end users and 3rd party developers.

    I'm not worried about the ISA shift and will follow the development team once its ready.
    I really trust these guys, they have great judgement and are some of the best programmers I have as yet come to know.
    BUT, I still want to know where our current OS can be pushed.
    AND I can't advocate a full overhaul of the PPC code as its a commitment to additional work that I can't ask the developers to make.
    SO...the hacking solutions.

    BTW - As far as I can tell, we already have the ability to read and write upper memory locations, we just don't have support to run code there.
    So, how about giving us an option to move the ram disk there?

    As to "ancient history", you learn from history or you repeat its mistakes.
    I never really thought knowledge of old DOS systems would prove useful, but it has.

    AND as Linux seems so annoyingly popular, it seems necessary to remind some that it is a thinly disguised rip off of UNIX and UNIX dates back to my childhood.
    There more than a little value in knowing "ancient" history.
    I may be venerable, but in terms of the evolution of computing we just got started with personal computers when I was a old adult and we're just started.
    The utility I promised everyone in the early days is here, but we are still going to see VAST changes.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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