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    Well, you are not really following what I said then, Andreas.
    What I was suggesting is rather similar to the kludge performed on MS-DOS once the need for more than 640K of memory became apparent and the developers wished to retain compatibility with legacy apps.
    Anyone remember himem and extended memory?
    The basic 640K memory map of MS-DOS remained unchanged including I/O, and routines were developed to utilize memory above that range.

    This is NOT the elegant solution offered by the clean board design proposed for X64 MorphOS.
    Its not even what could be done with a more complete reworking of PPC MorphOS.
    Its a quick and dirty hacking solution that could be implemented with less work.

    And we wouldn't have 3.5GBs of memory with this, we'd have 1.5GB devoted to legacy MorphOS apps, a half gig for OS and I/O functions, with another 2GB for any weird shit we can think of.

    Remember, processes outside of MorphOS' address space, even those that might run on other cores can still read and write to the memory used by MorphOS giving us some interesting possibilities for increased functionality.

    And...if 64bit and 32bit operations are possible concurrently, well our are options are even greater.

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