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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    deka wrote:

    You mean, if you do the platform change, MOS will drop ABox and loose the legacy compatibility?

    Legacy applications will have to run in a box.

    The problem being that it appears we will not get that box after the move to X64.
    So, I'd side with Deka in enhancing our current system.

    32 bit gives us access to 4GB, not 1.5GB.
    The 1.5GB limit is a function of AOS' 31 bit addressing (and MorphOS actually uses 2GB, the higher memory is used by the OS).
    So even if 64bit and 32bit can't coexist (and I think its probable that they can), we have 2GBs of unused memory.
    Also, on some of our systems we have an extra processor and in future systems we may have up to three additional core (further, if we jumped to an e6500 cored cpu we could have up to eleven extra core or 23 additional threads).
    So some form of SMP that reserves one core/thread for legacy compatibility could be created.

    The question right now is will this be allowed.
    Not even will this be supported by the developers.
    Because if we had adequate documentation of our current OS (including info on kernel calls and all system modules and tools) we could consider doing it ourselves.
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