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    In_Correct wrote:
    Target Hardware should be a device that attracts developers. The Pi series attracts developers.

    Since MorphOS wants to port to X64, is there a X64 device that attracts developers?

    I think it is obvious that all (or nearly all) developers are already using and coding on x64 hardware, even many of the ones that are also developing for ARM are probably doing it on high end x64 hardware and cross compiling.

    x64 is everywhere, so all the MorphOS Dev. Team needs to do is make wise choices when they decide what specific x64 components they wish to support.

    A-Eon has chosen an embedded PPC that is supposed to have at least 5 years of lifespan. I don't know if it is possible to find any x64 components and CPU that have more than a 1 or 2 year guaranteed lifespan, but hopefully the MorphOS Dev. Team will resolve that problem and find system components that will still be widely available long enough for them to complete the porting of MorphOS to them and still have systems using those components and CPU available for the MorphOS users to purchase.

    I don't see it as a huge problem anyway, as I have no problem buying hardware second hand, if it is no longer available brand new from any resellers by the time the MorphOS port is completed.

    With any luck, the MorphOS Dev. Team will be able to choose a family of CPU's and motherboard components that they can support and without too much difficulty make upgrades to newer versions, in the same time frame as the life cycle for new parts. In that way, we should be able to buy new hardware, or at the least, hardware that is only one generation behind the most current versions available. That will be much better than being over a decade behind current hardware, like we are now.

    I'm not sure if I will still be interested in MorphOS NG, once it has lost all legacy compatibility with the Amiga, but I probably will be, and having SMP and Memory Protection, as well as other modern support features, will make it interesting enough to check out regardless of any other considerations.
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