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    Jim wrote:
    Hi David,
    I'm not trying to incite anyone's ire or call anyone a liar.
    Some of the last' 060s were capable of running at 75 to 100MHz.
    The '40 and' 60 cores are vastly superior to the original 68000, running circles around them at similar clock speeds.
    So, a 200KHz FPGA 68000 may not out perform an overclocked 68060.
    However, if we are willing to spend more for larger, faster FPGA AND we aim at a more competent core that will change.

    And I am glad to see the Apollo team actually releasing their work to the public.
    It lends them credibility that other projects have lacked.

    Hi Jim,

    I have no vested interest in the Apollo team's work, but I am hoping that it will be successful and breath some new life into the "Classic" Amiga segment of our community. Supposedly, though I can't provide a link to a video test, or benchmark results, there have already been test results which have exceeded 400MHz and instructions from the 68020 have already been added, but not all of them. The only reason I mentioned the 200MHz number, is because that is what I have seen videos of so far.

    If the 68k core can continue to improve, to the point of including all, or even just most of the functions of the 68020, or possibly the 68030, and just a few speed related features found in the 68040 and/or 68060, plus be put into newer, bigger, and faster FPGA chips, perhaps we could see performance that is several times faster than even an over clocked 68060. That is what I believe Gunnar is aiming for, something that can perhaps run as fast as a 200MHz to 400MHz 68060, or faster, but only in some aspects, probably not all instructions, or features. I just hope he and the others don't get burned out, or run into an obstacle they can't figure out how to overcome, so that they actually get some accelerator cards produced and out to the public.

    I do understand that Gunnar might have a bad habit of being over optimistic, and for making statements before he is really ready to show the results.

    I'll just sit back and wait for something good to show up. If it never comes, I still have my Classic systems, my several MorphOS systems, and my X1000 for running AmigaOS4.x, which I have not much hope for ever being much more than it is right now, which is not very good, IMHO. The X1000 is great, but I just don't have much confidence in Hyperion, and I also have severe doubts about anyone turning AmigaOS4.x into something even as good as MorphOS is right now.
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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