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    deka wrote:
    Hey Dave!

    You've started a thread, were you claim, that "almost no developers want to join to our community".

    Then a developer writes (Eliot) his resons/claims against MOS... Then you become rough against him! Why?

    Sorry if I have offended anyone with anything I have written, but I don't see how anything I have put into this thread could be considered "Rough" toward any other member. I agreed with most of what Eliot wrote, but pointed out that what he was stating did not provide any positive suggestions, which was the point of this thread. To get suggestions on things that might be able to help gain more programmers, not to state the obvious reasons why most outside programmers do NOT want to code for MorphOS.

    Please quote what messages I have written that you think are "Rough" against any other member. I think you mistake my intentions, or you have assumed some alternative meaning from what I have written.
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