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    eliot wrote:

    Sorry, but you are totally wrong.

    Wrong about what?


    I am Amiga user since I was a kid back int he early 90s.
    I have got many Amigas (A500, A600, A1200, A4000T, CD32) and I am using/knowing MorphOS since the beginning. But MorphOS is just a hobby, not more nor less.

    I never claimed MorphOS was more than "just a hobby", did I?


    I showed MorphOS several times to some of my colleagues and some of them took part at geit@home and also joined the MorphOS community.

    Great! Do you continue to show MorphOS to outside programmers? Or have you given up on hoping that we can gain new users and programmers to the MorphOS camp?


    All of them are developers and all of them have the same problems with MorphOS.

    They are missing a "good" documentation (have a look at Qt Api Doc), tools (state of the art IDEs, Editors and debugger) and must have standard features in the OS like virtual mem, mem protection, multiuser, etc.
    Using a OS without these features today is like driving a car from
    the sixties. It is fun, absolutely, but when I have to drive from Braunschweig to M√ľnchen I will always choose my new car.

    So in the end MorphOS its nice and real Amiga feeling with more features and speed without breaking with the compatibility. That's ok. But do not expect to many new users or developers without an Amiga background.

    I understand your arguments for why most programmers would NOT want to begin any coding for MorphOS, but surely some of them are willing to look past its limitations and become MorphOS programmers, in spite of the difficulties. I never wrote that I expected large numbers of programmers (or even users) to convert to MorphOS, just that we should make some effort to find and recruit the few people who are exceptions, and would be willing to join us.


    So my wishes for the future:
    - amd64 or arm architecture
    - standard features as mentioned above
    - current gcc and gdb
    - Ambient is really cool
    - System file structure and shell can be the same
    - Datatypes and reggae are cool
    - I love Screens
    - a Micro Kernel is always a good idea
    - OpenCl support

    So there are features in MorphOS which are very cool and should stay. But there are also many concepts and technologies which are totally outdated.

    Thanks for sharing what you consider to be essential for you to consider programming for MorphOS. It was not really part of my question, nor was listing all the arguments why we CAN'T get new programmers from outside the Amiga community to join us. This thread was supposed to be for people to give suggestions about what would help us find those few programmers (and new users for that matter), who are willing to look past the limitations, and join us anyway. That number will no doubt be very small, but every new programmer we recruit to MorphOS, the greater chance we have that this tiny niche platform and sub-community, within the larger Amiga community, will survive a bit longer.

    I am not delusional to think that MorphOS will surpass any mainstream operating system, or to even become a serious threat to Linux, but I believe that we could grow our numbers of users and programmers, if we would only work at promoting MorphOS in a more efficient manner.
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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