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    eliot wrote:
    So my wishes for the future:
    - amd64 or arm architecture
    - standard features as mentioned above
    - current gcc and gdb
    - Ambient is really cool
    - System file structure and shell can be the same
    - Datatypes and reggae are cool
    - I love Screens
    - a Micro Kernel is always a good idea
    - OpenCl support

    Ah but you don't see the full picture here :) You can't have multiuser AND keep the current system file structure for instance. And once you do change the structure, old, incompatible stuff will start falling apart one way or another. If we'd focus on better SDK documentation now, MorphOS NG would have been delayed by years, which means no memory protection, etc. Gdb makes no sense in current system either since you cannot safely stop applications, even if we made sure the stop happens directly in application's code and not some library call. Things really need to happen in certain order here and for now, you'll continue seeing small improvements in the current OS.

    Also, datatypes suck, imo ;) There's a reason for Reggae.
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