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    eliot wrote:

    Using a OS without these features today is like driving a car from
    the sixties. It is fun, absolutely, but when I have to drive from Braunschweig to M√ľnchen I
    will always choose my new car.

    Well.. I loved older cars without too much electronics ;) They're easier to tune, fix, and use :) I already hate my 1999 car, which is too new for me. I hate I have to do complicated shutdown and reboot operations to even disconnect the battery or doing something else as simple. Must let the BSI to have time to shut down all the ECUs etc, or its software corrupts itself...... don't even touch the doors when doing it! And restarting is tricky too, you have to do it in correct sequences from the front window without opening the doors. F*ck it, I want to say :P

    Sorry about off-topic, but that metaphor just brought my annoyance up again ;) I have recently apparently broken 1 euro relay in my BSI box by wire starting an another car. But BSI box can't be opened to solder the new relay, whole box would cost like 600 euros if it would be available still (but it can't be bought anymore).... only way to take box out and saw it to pieces to get to the broken relay... and then car probably won't start up anymore without some re-coding... I'd rather take simplier cars, but I'm horrified how much more electronics bloat the newer cars have :)

    Maybe this goes to operating systems too.. and I just love to use MorphOS rather than over complicated Linux :)

    Coding may be different case... but I also hate Linux coders who just don't care about memory allocating and releasing and just mess around trusting that there's always virtual memory and memory protection taking care of their careless mess :)
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