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    Sure, there might be some recent exploit that I've missed, since I haven't been following much (since I have already exploited original model, why bother?) - PS3 key seems to be ancient, from 2010 I think? And afaik, completely irrelevant with even slightly more recent PS3 models.

    PS3's aren't that stable really, and many original models have already broken. My friend was recently looking for one, and complained that all the "exploitable" models are way more expensive than the recent super slim models (which also suffer worse from overheating etc.)

    And even if they were cheap, are they significantly cheaper than f.ex. G4 PowerMacs? While the raw CPU speed (not counting SPU, as that would need dedicated support) might be a bit higher, I think the platform would be worse because (starting from the most significant):

    There's a shop near here selling the ps3key suitable for newer systems, although delivery is on hold when you go to order one... Apart from that theres the gamut of ODE's which let you run homebrew on slims and other variants too. They will sell you a brand new ps3 with cfw installed onto it too with warantee.

    I'm not very up myself on the specifics of what works where to do what as I bought a fat ps3 for 30e a few weeks back expecting it to have a ylod and need some reflow love and I'd have a tinker with whats swappable inside while I was in there, but to my amazement it works 100% even the blueray reader. For now I'm just using it as a console to blow very big impressively rendered things up for fun as the price of used games has also fallen into the toilet now they're not the latest in vogue must have thing.

    What does make it attractive in some ways is that there are a awful lot of them sitting in the corners of rooms waiting to be re-purposed by some curious types. Now not the latest and greatest thing and support and releases for them are tailing off in favour of the new shiny. And aren't they in a great package to just have near the tv for a light fast os to do media browsing and stuff with?

    But, I read that the discussion is resolved and its a non starter, I'm new here, I don't want to wade into politics already.
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