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    I did originally write something about the ps3 with a ps3key being a ideal little ppc box now theyre dirt cheap to buy and well and truly exploited

    Are they, actually?

    Does the said PS3Key (or any other "non-solder" exploit) work on the current PS3 models? (Which is, late slim & super slim models)

    Sure, there might be some recent exploit that I've missed, since I haven't been following much (since I have already exploited original model, why bother?) - PS3 key seems to be ancient, from 2010 I think? And afaik, completely irrelevant with even slightly more recent PS3 models.

    PS3's aren't that stable really, and many original models have already broken. My friend was recently looking for one, and complained that all the "exploitable" models are way more expensive than the recent super slim models (which also suffer worse from overheating etc.)

    And even if they were cheap, are they significantly cheaper than f.ex. G4 PowerMacs? While the raw CPU speed (not counting SPU, as that would need dedicated support) might be a bit higher, I think the platform would be worse because (starting from the most significant):

    -Not that cheap (at least in Finland) exploitable models
    -Too little memory
    -Not possible to expand memory (swap doesn't count)
    -No graphics acceleration, unless drivers were written for a completely different chipset, which currently lacks any support with limited need elsewhere (most models can be fitted with Radeon board)
    -Current firmware versions have automatic update feature (if the console is online at least sometimes), so most second hand units on the market are "up-to-date" in bad sense (previously working exploits disabled)
    -Porting a commercial OS to hacked PS3's might be a legal risk, Sony is relatively trigger-happy when it comes to suing (and as everyone knows, you don't need a valid case & win the lawsuit to cause significant damages)
    -Expandability issues (only 2.5" HD, not possible to add more internally)
    -Damn noisy (compared to some "more silent" MorphOS platforms)
    -Since (afaik) new firmwares aren't exploitable, this would depend 100% on second hand market (as small minority insists on "new" hardware instead of second hand)
    -If it was possible to install on new units, this would definitely get rid of any warranty (and undo the #1 benefit of buying new)
    -What if Sony releases new popular game, that needs firmware update, that undoes all exploits for good? (Well, Sony is probably going to start actively killing PS3 soon enough...)
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