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    Sorry, but you are totally wrong. I am Amiga user since I was a kid back int he early 90s.
    I have got many Amigas (A500, A600, A1200, A4000T, CD32) and I am using/knowing
    MorphOS since the beginning. But MorphOS is just a hobby, not more nor less.

    I showed MorphOS several times to some of my colleagues and some of them took
    part at geit@home and also joined the MorphOS community.
    All of them are developers and all of them have the same problems with MorphOS.

    They are missing a "good" documentation (have a look at Qt Api Doc), tools (state of the art
    IDEs, Editors and debugger) and
    must have standard features in the OS like virtual mem, mem protection, multiuser, etc.
    Using a OS without these features today is like driving a car from
    the sixties. It is fun, absolutely, but when I have to drive from Braunschweig to M√ľnchen I
    will always choose my new car.

    So in the end MorphOS its nice and real Amiga feeling with more features and speed without
    breaking with the compatibility. That's ok. But do not expect to many new users or developers
    without an Amiga background.

    So my wishes for the future:
    - amd64 or arm architecture
    - standard features as mentioned above
    - current gcc and gdb
    - Ambient is really cool
    - System file structure and shell can be the same
    - Datatypes and reggae are cool
    - I love Screens
    - a Micro Kernel is always a good idea
    - OpenCl support

    So there are features in MorphOS which are very cool and should stay. But there are also many concepts and
    technologies which are totally outdated.
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