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    What has driven me to write things or fix things outside of paid work are having a itch to scratch myself. I'm not going to spend hundreds of hours doing things I'm not interested in unpaid, thats what I go to work for. If I'm trying to do something specific and it doesn't work or exist, then its a different thing.

    Another problem already mentioned, yes there's a bit of a quiet small exodus away from linux at the moment due to systemD and some other stuff afoot. However you are very unlikely to convert people leaving a free platform like linux for reasons of reduced freedom to a closed platform like Morphos with less hardware support, license fee's and no memory management.
    On balance Morphos has plus's too, the single user simple window manager without qt or gtk, all the complexities of X, lightweight, fast, quick to boot, alternative cpu architecture means most the exploit code in the world will fail because it targets x86.

    I did originally write something about the ps3 with a ps3key being a ideal little ppc box now theyre dirt cheap to buy and well and truly exploited, but a quick search around the forums throws up this is not an option.

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