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    eliot wrote:
    Well, I studied computer science and I am developing in java,c, c++, objective c for linux, mac, windows, ios and android.
    MorphOs is not really attractive to me.
    The the API, the documentation and tools are quite different compared to other platforms.
    What I am missing:

    - Documentation in HTML (sorted by classes, structs, functions, topics)
    - Gcc 4.8.x with c++11 support
    - Gdb
    - Virtual Memory (+protection)
    - Tools like EMacs, Clion, git, sshd
    - CMake
    - Libraries in c++
    - Frameworks like Qt and Posix support
    - Multiuser
    - Package Management

    From a technical point of view MorphOs is really rusty and there aren't any reasons for other developers
    to switch to MorphOS.

    So in the end, I am still waiting for MorphOs NG, which throws away the old API and starts with a fresh approach.

    To the current MorphOS developers: Can you give us some good reasons to develop for MorphOS?

    It is good to get the opinion from outside programmers, like yourself (who can speak from your experience programming for Linux & pther platforms). As jacadcaps wrote, some of the things you are missing might be available sometime in the future, but no one in this community wants to turn MorphOS into an exact copy of Linux, what would be the point in that?

    As I suspected, you appear to be more interested in what might be done in the future within MorphOS for another architecture, and you are not really interested in the current PPC incarnation of MorphOS. Can you share with us what brought you here, or who introduced you to your first MorphOS experience? Also, you must have some interest (or had some interest at some point in time), in the current MorphOS for PPC systems, or I doubt you would be reading and replying to these forum messages. If there is any advice or opinions you can share which might help us generate more interest for MorphOS from other Linux programmers, it would be greatly appreciated. Some of your fellow Linux programmers might become more interested, and have less objections to the current limitations within MorphOS3.9, than you appear to be from your statements.

    As I already wrote, I don't expect hundreds of Linux programmers to convert to using and programming for MorphOS3.9. I don't even expect to gain dozens of new programmers, but if we can get even just 1 to 5 new programmers over the next couple of years to become active in writing new software for, or porting new applications or games, to MorphOS, I will consider the effort to be a great success.

    After all, there must be millions of Linux programmers around the World. They can afford to lose a few to MorphOS, and every one we gain can potentially make a much bigger difference to this tiny community, depending on what they decide to work on, and how productive they are.

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