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    eliot wrote:
    What I am missing:

    - Documentation in HTML (sorted by classes, structs, functions, topics)

    Doable I guess... I just need to add HTML output mode into my AGuide generation scripts.


    - Gcc 4.8.x with c++11 support

    Likely to happen since OWB is going to need that...


    - Gdb

    That is less likely.


    - Tools like EMacs, Clion, git, sshd
    - CMake
    - Frameworks like Qt and Posix support

    I other words, you want to write (and use) nix apps. Feel free to do so under any of the Linux distro out there.


    - Libraries in c++

    That is already possible and the SDK even has examples. Scribble's core class - Scintilla.mcc is a C++ shared library (mcc).


    - Multiuser
    - Virtual Memory (+protection)

    Not going to happen in current MorphOS - needs saying bye bye to backwards compatibility.


    - Package Management

    There's Grunch already.


    To the current MorphOS developers: Can you give us some good reasons to develop for MorphOS?

    There's absolutely no reason. Unless you find it fun and rewarding to write for MorphOS. I do.
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