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    Well, I studied computer science and I am developing in java,c, c++, objective c for linux, mac, windows, ios and android.
    MorphOs is not really attractive to me.
    The the API, the documentation and tools are quite different compared to other platforms.
    What I am missing:

    - Documentation in HTML (sorted by classes, structs, functions, topics)
    - Gcc 4.8.x with c++11 support
    - Gdb
    - Virtual Memory (+protection)
    - Tools like EMacs, Clion, git, sshd
    - CMake
    - Libraries in c++
    - Frameworks like Qt and Posix support
    - Multiuser
    - Package Management

    From a technical point of view MorphOs is really rusty and there aren't any reasons for other developers
    to switch to MorphOS.

    So in the end, I am still waiting for MorphOs NG, which throws away the old API and starts with a fresh approach.

    To the current MorphOS developers: Can you give us some good reasons to develop for MorphOS?

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