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    I don't think new custom hardware would help much, Sam460 didn't for example. I'd think developer resources should be concentrated now more to the software (OS features), documentation, SDK & examples etc. It's been too much concentrated to expanding new platforms lately. We have pretty much hardware now and users should be attracted by other means now.

    I agree with ASiegel that MorphZone Library has a great potential, and we all could be making it better! You don't need to be 'leet coder to be able write interesting articles there, but that would still help community a lot.

    AmigaOS/MorphOS programming is very different fundamentally to other platforms, and to get around that, I'd want some easy high level programming languages to create OS friendly programs without that much risk to make fatal mistakes. Should we start persuade (or even make a bounty) Krashan to make/finish MUI module for Lua for example? He has mentioned he has some plans for it and I'd think that could be pretty marvellous... a modern lightweight scripting language which is popular on mainstream too.. it's already well implemented natively on MorphOS and if it would be expanded to have GUI capability. It would be easy to learn for everyone and powerful enough for many things with nowadays systems. BTW. Hollywood is based on Lua too.

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