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    amigadave schrieb:

    How do we approach these Linux PPC programmers? What about MorphOS can we promote to these Linux programmers, to spark their interest? Those are the kinds of suggestions I am looking for with this thread.

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    Why do you want to target Linux progammers? The API is quite different and more so is the philosophy. Linux is full of GPL. MorphOS isn't.
    MorphOS has another fredom than Linux. Not the GPL freedom of code, but the freedom to do things the just differently..
    Plus: Linux user see Linux quite elitish (prejudice! Not a generally valid argument!). No Linuxer sane in the brain would use such an "unprofessional" (closed source, no modern fetures, no GNU, no GPL, no *ix) system like MorphOS.

    And MorphOS of today is nice, but lack of SMP and support for little RAM and weak cpus only (current AMD64 is so much more powerful!) will not help either. Current MorphOS is trapped between retro and modern. I prefer modern and hope for MorphOS NG, but current MorphOS will not gain many new users/coders (although _I_ am quite happy with it).

    Furthermore the API is quite different to other APIs (steep learning curve), there's no proper Java support nor C#, even C++ is not too comfortable with MorphOS.

    Maybe it's easier to target beginners with Hollywood: it's easy, it's quite powerful with the latest plugins (GL, MUI Royale) and it's Multiplatform (well as long as you don't do platform specific stuff liek MUI Royale). Will not bring too adavanced programs (writig an office suite with Hollywood would probably be quite a task...) but some stuff.

    And we need good tutorials! I would like a good MUI C++ tutorial.

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