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    caver99 wrote:
    Dpaint was one on my first art drawing packages and was easy to use and simple, the other programs got more and more complicated over the years, i delux paint from version 1 to VI and still like using it now, back in the day i even had the pc version as it was exactly the same to use, if the latest version was avalible just like the 68k version i would delfinetly have it on my system and i agree it would just like it for fun.

    The last version of D-Paint I was aware of was D-Paint V, not VI. I also never knew that they made a Windows version that had all of the same features and functions, as I thought that some of the D-Paint features were dependent on the Amiga custom chipset? What was the name of the Windows version of D-Paint, or was it just called D-Paint for Windows?
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