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    Hi... ! While Dpaint is nice.. I just want you to know that TVPaint works on MorphOS also! It got almost every shortcut from Dpaint, but lacks animation support only. TVPaint have 3 layers, 24bit palette, brushes in many different sizes and types, opens in 1920x1080 yay!!!.. saves in many obsolete formats,.. but also in .TIFF which you can convert by using Showgirls or you can grabb what you have done with SnapIT and it saves what you have done directly in PNG format.

    TVPaint supports transparant images, both as brush and for the layers builtin to the program. It supports IFF, JPEG, GIF +++ :) and got Arexx support.

    Dpaint 1 is fine, but TVPaint is more like Dpaint 5 just much much better! I just wish there was a TVPaint alike program for MorphOS with animation support in it.

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