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    ppcamiga1 wrote:

    BSzili wrote:
    Somewhere around its inception. It's binary compatible on m68k, and source code compatible on the rest.

    AROS is not source and binary compatible.

    But on 68k one can add libraries and patches from oryginal Amiga Os and made 68k AROS
    enough source and binary compatible.

    AROS x86 is of course worth nothing shit.

    AROS x86 was shit, AROS x86 is shit and AROS x86 will be shit.

    It is simple.

    CPU change to one that not support 32 bit big endian mode already breaks compatybility.

    AROS x86 have to have all drawbacks of original amiga os removed at time of change api to not compatybile.

    AROS for LE cpu should be amiga gui and graphics on top of unix.

    AROS x86 with cheated SMP is set of hacks still with out memory protection.

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