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    >I couldn't find any either

    Weird, isn't it?
    Images of the T1024RDB, no problem.

    And something like Tabor could have been produced about as early as the X1000.

    I'm pretty sure the idea of using a 32bit Qorlq cpu was something Varisys proposed that long ago.
    But the use of that particular cpu core, and the long development time really have made that project unattractive to me.

    So, what we do have are our current systems, with the promise of future X5000 support.
    That places limits on the utility of both SMP and 32bit addressing, as many of our systems have a single cpu and only a few support more than 2GB of ram.
    In fact, its only the 64bit systems that support more memory.
    If we are going to support 4GB and 32 bit, why not 64 bit (and a lot more range)?

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