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    > I don't know until I see it working.


    > if certain legacy apps can't be made to behave within the SMP environment,
    > they could be boxed onto one core.

    If I understand the AROS solution correctly, everything that has run so far will run in SMP-enabled AROS as well.

    > The e5500 and e6500 with their hypervisors would be very capable of
    > concurrently running a multiple number of possible single core and SMP
    > concurrent operations (even concurrent 32 and 64 bit environments).

    I clearly favour the AROS solution of running everything within the same environment.

    > did you notice NXP's docs on interfacing DDR4 with Qorlq cpus?

    You mean this? QorIQ T1 series has DDR4-compatible memory controller. Is there anything special about that implementation?
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