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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I know I spent at least $3,500 on hardware for that system, probably over $4,000.
    > Then if you adjust the value of those dollars from 1990 [...] it would probably
    > be close to equal with $5,500 2017 dollars.

    5500 USD today were inflation-adjusted 2960 USD in 1990. 3500 USD in 1990 had the buying power of today's 6500 USD.

    My estimate was a guess, and I was trying to be conservative, so I am not surprised to see that I was $1,000 low. I don't even know where to look to find out inflation adjusted values, but could probably google it and find where the calculation can be made.

    Once MorphOS moves to x64, hopefully the MorphOS Devs. will choose readily available hardware that is priced competitively with all other x64 hardware, and we will finally have (nearly) up to date hardware power, at up to date hardware pricing. The problem any small group of developers has writing an OS for any hardware is time. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time, to write hardware drivers, so by the time the OS is finished and released, the hardware is no longer "up to date", and depending on just how long the writing of the drivers and the rest of the OS takes, it could be possible that the hardware they are aiming for becomes no longer available, except through a few dealers who have a handful of NOS units, and the used market.

    Even Linux, with its thousands of programmers, and considerable commercial support, has a difficult time supporting all the newest hardware. The MorphOS users will most likely just have to accept that they will always be limited to using just a few systems, which are probably 1 to 2 years old, at the least, and be patient with the Devs., when waiting for newer hardware to be supported.

    Creating a new x64 OS, with modern features, but also very MorphOS like, and unique enough to make it worth all the effort, is a huge undertaking. I believe in the MorphOS Dev. Team though, and would be willing to bet some hard cash that the first x64 version of MorphOS is released prior to AmigaOS4.2 being completed and released, as first described by Hyperion many years ago. I no longer believe that Hyperion has the ability to complete AmigaOS4.2 as it was first described, ever!
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