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    Jim wrote:

    bash64 wrote:
    I never even took the time to look at the X1000.
    Once again, too little, too late, and WAY too expensive.
    My last Amiga was a 2500 with an 040 and cybergraphics video card in a Bomac Tower case.

    If you were to compare the price of that 2500...

    Good point!

    My main Amiga for many years was an accelerated A2000, and I know I spent at least $3,500 on hardware for that system, probably over $4,000. Then if you adjust the value of those dollars from 1990, when I spent that money to purchase and accelerate that A2000, it would probably be close to equal with $5,500 2017 dollars.

    The reason money is a valid argument against purchasing an X5000, is because Windows and Linux users choosing x64 hardware today, can spend as little as $500 to $1,200 to get a computer system that is 2 to 4 times faster than the A-Eon X1000 & X5000 systems. If they want to spend $3,000, they can probably get performance that is 10 times faster, or more. But of course, those x64 systems can't run MorphOS, or AmigaOS4 (except slowly through emulation).

    At the time I purchased my X1000, I did not think it was a bad investment, compared to what I had already spent on my Amiga addiction, but now as the years drag onward, and there is still no hint that AmigaOS4.2 will ever be finished, my conviction regarding the purchase has tarnished a bit.
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