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    Since there has been so much work to get WinUAE working fantastically, and even EUAE work very well, breaking backward compatibility with the Amiga API and depending on emulation for legacy support in the new x64 version of MorphOS is a viable solution for most current and former Amiga users. Having true SMP, as well as memory protection, IMO, are a must for the new x64 version of MorphOS, or what is the point of breaking compatibility with the old API? It will be interesting if the small group of MorphOS Developers can come up with a new OS that has enough legacy flavor and new ideas, to make it worth using, instead of the more popular and better supported Linux distros, or the entrenched Windows and MacOSX options.

    Another option for legacy support in a modern x64 computer might be to re-visit the idea of installing an "Amiga-on-a-card", with something like the Vampire stand alone FPGA system, on a PCI card, but I suppose that has its Pros and Cons as well, and emulation using EUAE might be the best answer. The Apollo core is getting more and more interesting every month, and the latest addition of some/most MMX, or SSE, or what ever it is called, instructions that have been added to the core, make it even more interesting as a legacy option.
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