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    >>> Will the merged companies now stop production of PPC [...]?

    >> [...] This indicates that the merged companies won't stop PPC production in the near future.

    > Has anybody suspected otherwise?

    I was replying to the quoted question.

    > it is quite likely that the QorIQ series will make a full switch to ARM cores
    > for future chip designs sooner rather than later.

    One could argue this is already true as all chips of current QorIQ generation (LS series) are ARM-based so far :-)

    > Considering that NXP have announced aggressive plans to reduce costs, continuing
    > to develop PowerPC- as well as ARM-based QorIQ chips for years to come appears
    > to be an improbable scenario.

    As far as I have understood the LayerScape architecture, ARM and PPC cores are essentially interchangeable in that. So I don't think the PowerPC chip development costs would be the deciding factor. It's more the costly Power Architecture core development NXP would have to undertake after e6500/e6501 (networking) and e200z9 (automotive) cores that would primarily stand in the way of the cost reducing plans.
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