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    WB_Coder schrieb:
    Will the merged companies now stop production of PPC and focus on ARM only?

    (to save 500 million/year)

    [ Edited by WB_Coder 02.03.2015 - 14:04 ]

    We'll see. ppc is definitely not choice #1 in the world, but there is still some market for ppc. And since the list of ppc makers is rather short and products are not overlapping too much, existing customers will continue their demand to NXP/Freescale. Hence I guess the next few years it will stay probably rather unchanged or the ppc division will get sold to another semi conductor maker. In the long run most signs imply that the market of ppc will finally migrate to ARM.
    Anyway, from a business POV the acquisition by NXP can make sense and lift NXP and Freescale above the critical level to sustain on the market. From a European POV I am pleased to see an improvement of the rather weak European semi conductor industry.

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