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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > When ever OS X changes its nickname, they charge you again [...]. [...] The gullible
    > crowd has zero issues in repaying for OS X each year, and sometimes twice per year!

    Mavericks has been free of charge for owners of Snow Leopard or newer, and so will be future releases of the OS.

    I did not know this. So the revised sentence I wrote needs to be "When ever OS X changes its nickname, they (previously) charged you all over again.

    Or perhaps OS X is not best example. What about just considering Windows?

    None of what I said makes any sense now, if you consider many people might get a used computer on ebay with Windows (or OSX) pre-installed. Since this is very rare to find a used computer with registered MorphOS installed, it might make MorphOS sound "expensive" in comparison.

    Anyways I do not use OS X any more. I use Windows sparingly, but I update to the new Windows versions infrequently.

    On the other hand I update MorphOS immediately. 1. because updates are free and
    2. I think that the updates to MorphOS are very useful and needed. :-)


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > if some introductory MorphOS hardware should be ported with MorphOS registration
    > on that hardware cost reduced.

    I'm not sure I understand this sentence, but MorphOS is 79 EUR for Mac mini G4, PowerMac G4, eMac and Pegasos (and 49 EUR for Efika 5200B).

    I already knew this. I was imagining a very cheap and open (if any exists) hardware similar to Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, and a MorphOS computer version called Cherry Pi (or something) with very low cost purchase device and then to install, use, and very low cost to register the MorphOS onto device. This would increase registrations. If the new users want more equipped hardware they can purchase a higher end device, which could even more increase additional registrations.

    And perhaps they can simply try MorphOS on emulations on their existing hardware first.

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    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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