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    Most people I read (here and in other bulletin boards) don't have any problems with the price, if they are convinced about MorphOS. Or wouldn't buy it for any price if they are not. Both sides are glad that they had the chance to evaluate the possibilties before buying. Personally, I don't consider 79 EUR for the G4 desktop system as too expensive, even 111 EUR for the "latest" systems are ok. I'm using my main MorphOS machine for 5 years now, and since then I got every update for free, so it was and is clearly worth its price.
    Would it be better to offer a "damn cheap" 30 EUR edition, for which you have to pay extra money to get a half decent graphics driver, or which has more bugs than the version before? IMHO the MorphOS people are giving more value for the money, and we should all respect that.
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