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    realstar wrote:
    Something like 39 Euro would be a great price

    You can buy OS4 for something like that these days. And then a $3,000+ computer to run it on... :lol: ;-)

    Seriously, of course a price of 39 Euro would be more favorable to a customer. And a price of 0 Euro would be so even more. It would be less favorable to the development team though. MorphOS is not a mainstream OS, the potential market is very narrow, the potential custostomers are limited. Most of them are probably already MorphOS users.

    79 EUR license fee for one eMac, Mac mini G4, Pegasos I, Pegasos II or PowerMac G4 isn't over the top IMHO. Add a cheap Mac Mini and you will have a very nice setup for a very low total cost. :-)


    realstar wrote:
    I also do not see as many new users giving MorphOS a chance because of the pricing.

    I actually think you are wrong, I have seen plenty new people on this site alone, but many new people probably stays at their old regular Amiga sites instead, and you see "MorphOS" mentioned in "signatures" of some people today (at amiga.org and amigaworld.net) that you only a few years ago would *never* believed they would ever take the step! :-)

    The licensing scheme gives new potential users the chance to try MorphOS *endlessly* for 0 Euros, 30 minutes a time, and no limitations whatsoever except this reboot thing. The full version! Either you are into the MorphOS hobby and consider it's worth the money, or you aren't.

    If people (and we are 99.9% talking about Amigans here of course) don't bother "to give MorphOS a chance", then the reasons are probably more about them favoring either classic/retro, os4, or AROS instead, or HW on which MorphOS doesn't run (x86, "X1000", latest G5 970MP based macs, or whatever).
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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