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    Yasu wrote:

    I think MorphOS attracts two kinds of people atm: people who remember and longs for the Amiga and people who likes alternative operating systems. The first category already knows about MorphOS or they will find out soon enough if they start to surf on Amiga forums. The second category is probably the only one where we can attract new blood is more than single digit numbers.

    I fall into the second group here. I never used an Amiga back in the day. I have not registered MOS yet even though I have tinkered with it on and off since Release 3.1.

    My holding out to purchase a license up to this point has been two-fold.
    1-What hardware to run it on has been my main hold up. If the MOS License wasn't tied to the originally purchased machine I would have licensed MOS at 3.1. I would probably transferred the license to my 3rd machine by now. But given how the license restrictions are I have held off. I originally was going to installing MOS on a PowerMac G4. Then I though about maybe a Mini. Then when the G5 support came about I worked out a deal to get a supported G5 since the G5 I had wasn’t MOS compatible. Now that I have a supported G5 installing MOS on that Mac makes my OS X hard drive invisible and non bootable. I haven’t worked too hard on the issue but holding down the Option key only the MOS drive is shown. If I boot from a OS X DVD both drives are available and I can boot from OS X. Next reboot it’s invisible again.

    2-Price. For a Hobby OS last time I did the price conversion it was about $130.00US for a G5 license. For a Hobby OS pricey for considering the price of the old hardware cost.

    Having said that I finally made up my on what machine to run MOS on now I have to get the G5 to accept MOS without messing up OS X. Then I will purchase a license.

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