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    Raf_MegaByte wrote:

    Only MacOS has actually a price of 105 euro circa (if I recall well price of standalone installer CD) [...] Other operating systems are less expensive (Windows and even AmigaOS 4.1 Final -just to mention direct competitor that drop its price to 39 euro-), while Linux and AROS are free.

    It is important to view things in their proper context. Early adopters who upgraded to MorphOS 2.0 in 2008 have been able to upgrade to new OS releases for close to 7 years with absolutely no additional charges.

    If you bought a Mac computer with MacOS X Panther and then paid to upgrade to OS X Tiger and eventually OS X Leopard, you probably spent more on just OS updates than a lot of MorphOS users have spent on their Mac system plus MorphOS license.

    Plus, the cost of many commercial OS distributions are ultimately hidden because they are subsidized via hardware in one way or another. Since you mentioned Linux, Canonical charge (substantial) fees to add official support for new custom computer systems to the "free" Ubuntu distribution, which can only be financed via higher hardware prices...
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