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    Just to tell my opinion:

    I tried Aros on an old PC with an that had an nvidia grafikcard and a 1,8Ghz cpu. True that was a few years
    ago but the system doesn't run stable old amiga software didn't work. I played around for several month
    and lost interrest on it.
    I had thought about buying an Amiga again but they where to expensive for me and from what i read they
    had not even a feature rich browser.
    On linux I used OnlineTVrecorder frequently, and what a surprise there was a decoder for Morphos from which
    I knew it was a next gen. Amiga system - and its hardware was much cheaper since supporting old macs.
    So I bought a Powermac MDD and payed the 111 Euro after having a very easy installation, not to compare
    with the most linux or even Windows installers. No gfx driver the soundcard was specified the network came
    up with no trouble.
    As a beginner I took the papiosaurus software package. The System was better then my old Amiga 4000 060/32Mb
    Cybervision ....
    And it cost less then 300 Euro (in 2011 and that was the Hardware + System).
    You can't get an old Amiga 1200/030 32Mb w/o gfx card for that prise.
    It still is an impressive system, not to talk about the Powerbook - !! an Amiga Laptop !!
    Only Morphos can run such a thing and its really cheap and (mac hardware) reliable.

    well thanks for reading ... :-)
    PowerMac 3.6 - Radeon 9000_64Mb - 1,5Gb Ram - SB Live - MorphOS 3.9
    CD32 - PowerBook 1,67GHz 1GB/100GB - MorphOS 3 reg. 1455
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