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    Something like 39 Euro would be a great price as it would temp new people to register MorphOS for the first time and attract existing users to register more machines. As it stands one must make a careful decision whether it's worth registering any particular machine or not. I have come by some very good deals on low end Mac hardware but it's not worth paying 111 Euro or even 79 Euro to register those. Personally, I end up with a couple of main machines that I am willing to register for the cost. MorphOS is certainly not in the casual purchase kind of category at current pricing. I think the operating system should cost about a third of whatever you pay for your hardware especially when dealing with vintage systems like we are here.

    In fact it's somewhat uncomfortable to show someone MorphOS and just when they get interested you have to destroy their enthusiasm by telling them to buy a particular old Mac hardware and pay 111 Euro to unlock it. It really does sound a bit crazy to someone not active in the MorphOS/Amiga world.

    I do not think it's about convincing people to switch to MorphOS so much as to offer it as an interesting alternative experience alongside whatever else they may already be using. I am thinking more along the lines of a low cost registration for anyone mildly interested in playing around with vintage computers, old video games, gadgets, emulation, programming, virtual machines etc.

    I am probably in the minority as a person that uses MorphOS as their main operating system daily.
    Of course I do not know the reality of behind the scenes MorphOS development so maybe I am missing something here... :)
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