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    Yes, but why would they ever switch to MorphOS anyway? The only real advantage we got is speed. The rest Linux and MacOS can do better or mostly better.

    I think you need to get a liking to the OS in order to 1, use it daily, 2, to pay the fee and 3, to overlook it's shortcomings.

    It's like all those Youtube flicks with awful techno background music that shows: "look, we can surf the web and play 10 year old games!". It does impress people who remember the Amiga fondly and makes them think: "Wow, can an Amiga system do that now?" But for people outside the Amiga world it just looks stupid, because they have been able to do that all along.

    I think MorphOS attracts two kinds of people atm: people who remember and longs for the Amiga and people who likes alternative operating systems. The first category already knows about MorphOS or they will find out soon enough if they start to surf on Amiga forums. The second category is probably the only one where we can attract new blood is more than single digit numbers.

    That said, MorphOS is still awesome! ;-)
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