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    Yasu wrote:
    Would they buy a licence for any price? Plus, they can use it for free 30 minutes at the time.

    I agree with you. But sure actual price scares people, who want using full-time their machines, and Amiga legacy has a bad reputation that should be fight with counter propaganda, and good information to public.

    Only MacOS has actually a price of 105 euro circa (if I recall well price of standalone installer CD), and sure MorphOS at 111 euro on a powerbook has much lesser features (time machine just to talk of a single very useful feature for example) and it is still more unstable, despite its ease of use and being completely under control by the user and totally customizable.
    Other operating systems are less expensive (Windows and even AmigaOS 4.1 Final -just to mention direct competitor that drop its price to 39 euro-), while Linux and AROS are free.

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