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    Jim wrote:
    Since the pro-Russian separatists aren't fielding aircraft, Ukrainian forces don't have a motive to shoot down airplanes.
    So who does this leave?

    If I would highly teoretize on e.g. motive of Ukraine to shut down civic airflight, it would be to have an international excuse to launch full scale offensive and end the rebellion (e.g. having "public enemy no#1). Surely, sacrificing innocent human lifes shouldn`t been on such agenda, but again, it isn`t that such thing haven`t happened before (e.g. accusing Saddam of chemichal weapons, full scale humanitarian crisis never really proven and all that forgoten to be proven after military action etc.)

    While rebels capacity to shut down such plane is based on Russian aid (and that they have shot down military planes recently) Ukraine certainly has such capacity.

    I am not pro Russian in that conflict, but I don`t see rebels motive to shoot it either, if not by mistake (taking it for army plane) and now being to ashaimed to accept responsibility knowing it provokes highly negative view.
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