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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> Backing actual Nazis - not neo-Nazis but genuine Nazis that butchered
    >>> Ukrainians and Jews in the 40's

    >> People who were 20 years old in 1945 are 90 years old today, if not dead
    >> already. Something doesn't seem to add up here.

    > You think the OUN went away when the KGB assassinated Bandera?

    I believe I was very clear when I wrote what I think. It was nothing about OUN, KGB, Bandera or whatever, but about life expectancy of humans and the likelihood of 90+ year old people being in charge of anything.

    > Svoboda/Pravy Sector/UNA/CUN are just the same shit different arsehole.

    Sounds like you retract your previous claim that it's the very same arsehole(s).

    Sounds like you really are unable to understand nuance. Are you really that literal or do you do it just to pick arguments?
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