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    Intuition wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Backing actual Nazis - not neo-Nazis but genuine Nazis that butchered
    > Ukrainians and Jews in the 40's

    People who were 20 years old in 1945 are 90 years old today, if not dead already. Something doesn't seem to add up here.

    Svoboda/Pravy Sector/UNA/CUN are just the same shit different arsehole.

    Sadly I have to agree. Even when neonazism isn`t that obvious as Blood and Honour, Storm Front and such that explicitely use Nazi symbolism, it is present in "only our own blood , all foreigners out, and only our soil to our nation" one track minded of extreme nationalism. Today they tend to kind of present themselves as national heroes, religious and morale defenders on path of prosperity and sacrifice. Well, so did original neonazis minus religion.

    Since I (and many others) have mentioned NeoNazis on Ukranian side, its worth mentioning those on Russian side, too ...

    Sad state of affairs, even knowing mixture of genes and cultures enriches us spiritualy and biologicaly, that a belief that "only WE and OURS alone are path to prosperity" is on rise once again. Surely, that is a smallest common factor in a large group within one nation, but even you would really eliminate all foreigners somewhat then you soon "discover" "traitors in your own nations too" (anyone that thinks or acts differently from mainstream or imposed culture) and circle would never end down to most extreme.

    So, keep open minded, humans are humans. If US gouverment (or Russian one) do bad, I don`t think bad of all its citizens. Never generalize that way too.

    Enough from me.

    Edit: on main issue of lack of EU response to destroying civic airflight, it hasnt clearly been established who did it, as far as I do know. Neither anyone "took responsibility" (claim that act as their own).

    I don`t see either how any side would benefit from it. Sadly, Malesian Airlines now might be least desired to fly with ... so we know who lost most.

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